Faith-Based Giving Solutions

We can assist with the tithing needs of your church, no matter its size.

About ChurchBasket

ChurchBasket is the answer to faith based donation solutions. We can assist with the tithing needs of your church, no matter its size. Since ChurchBasket is a division of GIVNG, we utilize the same platform and secure online environment already trusted by many non-profit corporations nationwide. However, we specifically tailor our services to meet the tithing demands of your particular church.

Users can make contributions by credit card, debit cart or electronic transfer. These donations can be one time offerings, recurring payments for tithes, or other donations such as missions giving, building funds, etc. Contact us today and see why ChurchBasket is the solution you have been looking for.

The Idea Behind Our Service

The heart of who we are is centered around this thought; most people don’t mind giving to a worthy cause. Most people really want to help, they are just busy. They have lives filled with job demands, ballet classes, football practices, and weekends filled with even more activity. Giving to your non-profit is on the list, it just happens to move further down as other priorities take over during the month. In short, they forget. If there were a fast, convenient, secure way to donate, most people would.

GIVNG provides that environment. Our platform is easy to use and understand. Once someone visits the site, a simple bookmark can keep it close at hand for future donations. We have worked long and hard to make donating as simple as possible.

People like this for a few reasons. They can use modern forms of payment more familiar to them. This presents well for your organization. It shows you are forward thinking. Having a means for donating online presents a much better organizational face to your donor. People are more inclined to contribute to non profits if they have a sense that the organization is forward thinking and on point with technology. Using a quality online donation platform like GIVNG tells donors that you pursue excellence in all that you do. Yet that is not why we exist. That is what we provide.

Why GIVNG Exists

We exist for one simple reason, we understand the unique challenges non-profits face. If a non-profit corporation expects to survive and be able to pursue their cause, fundraising and operational capital are a must. While capital campaigns and fundraisers have their place, online donations have proven to be one of the most effective ways for non-profits to maximize their revenue stream, thus helping them achieve their goals. The consistency that comes with online donations through the GIVNG platform allows you to set firmer budgets and goals for your organization. It also gives you an easy place to point individuals who may be interested in supporting your cause.

Simple donations in a secure environment, that is what we are all about. You are the reason for it. That is the heart of who we are at GIVNG. We look forward to getting to know you, and helping you meet the needs of your organization.

Let us assist with the tithing needs of your church, no matter its size.